Now thats what I call a view…

Now when I retire, I’d like to put my retirement home on top of this hill in Gran Canaria. Amazing view, sitting above the clouds.


Macro cone

Cone Part 2

Its cone season!!

UK wildlife

Looking for scraps

I just love looking at the wildlife posted here on WordPress from all over the world. So many colours & exotic species that never fail to amaze me. And then I look at what the UK has to offer :)

Mirrored abstract

Playing at mirrors?


Rushing by

A London Totem Pole

London Sunrise Pt 2 :)

London Sunrise

Just because I love it…

London sunrise

Slacking again in my posts, but I have been busy. Apart from work, I have been taking plenty of pictures & I will be sharing again soon. This shot was London at sunrise, taken whilst doing the recent London Nightrider challenge.

London sunrise

Nightrider is a 100km ride through London & the other reason for being a little slack on the posts. Training was definitely necessary. A great challenge & it was completed in style – even if I do say so myself.

More to follow soon & I’ll catch up with everyones else’s posts as well. Take care all.


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