All the fun of the fair (2)

My second (& last) shot to be shared of my visit to the fair.



All the fun of the Fair

Here was a first.  Attempting the light trails at the fair.  Of the 100 or so shots I took.  This & one other were possibly worth adding to the site.

Needs more practice…

Fair 3

Norway 2015 – Fish & Cow

I normally go for the traditional fish & chips but here in Norway, Fish & Cow was available.

Fish _Cow

Norway 2015 – Flam

Excuse the blur at the bottom.  Moving trains have that effect!!  I was going for the view not the focus. 🙂

Flam Railway

Norway 2015 – Flam

Flam waterfall 3

Water & sun with the inevitable rainbow.

Norway 2015 – Flam Waterfall

Flam waterfall

You will have gathered that Norway was last years trip & it was a truly stunning country.  The views at every turn were just amazing.

This particular day we decided to take the famous Flam Railway all the way to the top passing the Kjosfossen Waterfall en route.  The scene was amazing but even better was the fact that the train stops on the way back down for you to actually get out & see it close up.

With the snow melting it made the waterfall even more dramatic & as you can see from this shot you had zero chance of staying dry.  The family took an early shower!!

Flam waterfall 2

Sailing the Fjords

Back on the ship sailing up the Fjords was an amazing site.  The snow capped mountains & the crystal clear waters.  It was amazing to think that the Fjords are almost as deep as the mountains were high.  Just stunning.

Norway 2015 – Flam


One of my favourite shots from the trip.  Flam in Norway.  Just stunning.

Norway 2015


The view from the top of Tromso in Norway.  I have lots to show everyone.

Its been a while since I managed to find a camera!!!

Sunset coming