Film or Digital?

I had to scan in these pictures. My daughter has just started photography in college & needs a film SLR. I had one literally buried under piles of boxes in the attic, I thought never to be used again. I bought a battery & it switched on no problem. The only film I had was 10 years old & very expired. I showed Tash how to put in the film & told her to “have a play”, learn to use it before she needs it in college. Given that it was 10 years old I expected nothing to come out. I just wanted to see if the camera worked. As with every 16 year old, Facebook, parties, homework, etc, got in the way and she didn’t get round to it.
Out came the bike, grabbed the camera & a quick trip round the block I ran off the whole film and had it developed. It was odd to use at first, especially as I kept checking the back to see what the image looked like! What do other people think? Is film or digital best? An interesting debate.

This picture got some funny looks from passersby as I tried to throw a stone & get the camera focused & picture taken before the ripple disappeared. A tripod would have helped!

I’m always on the look out for a good leading line. This path up through the trees looked great. Having not used this camera for about 10 years I’m a bit vague on film but it came out quite well. The lack of leaves was annoying though. A week ago this looked even better.

Given that I took the entire roll of film in about 30 minutes with zero planning & very little thought, I proved that the camera will work well for Tash and she could get some great pictures with a little thought.


2 thoughts on “Film or Digital?

    • Many thanks for your comments. I did enjoy my film exploit. I think I may “borrow” the camera back for another play one day.
      Tash is the creative one in the family. I’m hoping she continues to enjoy it. 🙂

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