Wide aperture

I am still finding pictures that need to be added to some category or another on the Mac & stumbled across these pictures tonight. My fir cone is probably not the most exciting picture but I love the detail right at the top. My other task this weekend is to find the name of this flower that I keep taking pictures of. I remember I was practicing trying to get some blur effect by having the aperture wide open. For years I could never blur pictures correctly using the aperture settings until someone told me to think about how many sheep I wanted in focus! f22 got me 22 sheep in focus, f2.8 got me a whole lot less & after that it all started to come together.

Wide aperture

And the name of the flower is? Strelitzia


4 thoughts on “Wide aperture

  1. Its Strelitzia!!! Native to my home country – South Africa!!! We have some of these almost everywhere!!! So, now you know!!! 😀

    & I don’t think your cone is boring… I like it a lot!!! 🙂 ** Great photos!!! **

    • Hi

      Hope you are well.

      Many thanks for the information. I will update the blog with its correct name now. I’ve always wondered.

      Best wishes


  2. The cone is amazing…I love how you have managed to capture the perfect flower shape when you look at it from the top! and fading away effect of its surroundings enhances it further. Shame that you hide such amazing pics for so long. You are going on my blog roll…and on my following list as well! looking forward to many more such amazing snaps

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