Triscombe – My favourite Spot for a Walk

The Quantock Hills above Triscombe in Somerset are possibly my favourite spot for a walk. Its a great place with the family for fun, its perfect for getting away from it all on my own and the views are amazing. I walk here often. As you can see from the picture below the sunsets are beautiful.

This is my son & absolute best friend in the world. He was away at camp this weekend so I missed him like mad, but I remembered this picture when we last came up.

Its also a great place for the wildlife. These deer are spooked easily & it took me hours to get close & get the camera set up. Taken with the 100-400 lens I managed to get a dozen pictures before this one spotted me!! They were gone in a flash.

There are so many images to share of this place I could be here for months. I took this today whilst having a well earned rest after climbing to the top. I thought the texture in the wood really stood out.

As always I found another mushroom. There are normally hundreds but this was all I could find today.

The views are amazing from the top. I love this place & will sit for ages just letting the world go by.


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