We were blessed with an early fireworks display tonight, so James & I headed out, armed with hats, coats & the usual supplies of crisps & a flask of coffee to keep out the cold. This is our second outing where we sit in the boot of the car taking firework pictures.
Batteries charged, settings made, (bulb, f11, 100 ISO) we headed for the racecourse & managed to find an excellent spot away from the town lights. As usual the great british weather rewarded our efforts with rain, but with the tailgate up & the wind blowing from the front we were definitely snug.
I’m hoping next week to get higher into the hills to capture some more & if anyone has some tips I would live to hear them. I’m using bulb & placing the lens cap over the end to capture two or three fireworks in one shot. It definitely looks better than one at a time.


6 thoughts on “Fireworks

    • Thank you once again. I really do enjoy the challenge of getting good firework pictures. Its taken years to get these type of shots. I only get to see displays like this in November, so you have to get it right first time. This is my second year only that I have been happy.

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