The Pump Room

Last weeks holiday was excellent. I actually managed to do very little. It was great to be able to put the feet up & relax. I did manage one day trip with the camera, to Bath. A beautiful city with wonderful history.
I captured this shot at the end of the day as the lights were coming on. I think the black & white view gives it a little more impact, but I would appreciate any feedback. I had the Abbey in the background & got the look I was after in terms of the blur with the first pump room sign in focus.


6 thoughts on “The Pump Room

  1. The Pump room is classic Bath. just those words and the glimpse of the image assured me that this was about bath. lovely shot John…the bnw makes it even better

  2. Very appreciable shot indeed! B/w is what make it so. The nearest board is so crisp that I feel the words are all white lights—perfect brightness.
    And your words were very expressive & relaxing!

    • Many thanks indeed for your comments. I really appreciate them. I have to say that since starting this blog & receiving feedback, I have started to enjoy this hobby even more. Its wonderful to share my pictures but to be able to view so many other peoples work as well only inspires you to do even better. Best wishes. 🙂 John

    • Thanks Matt for your feedback. I really appreciate it. Its great to have view these shots. I’m hoping to learn even more over the next few months. Take care. John

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