Light Trails at last!

My entertainment for last Saturday was an evening out with the camera. I was after light trails as I’ve seen them in the magazines & never managed to pull it off. I think I certainly need to find some better backgrounds however I was finally pleased that I captured the cars criss crossing the motorway. The added bonus of capturing the indicators adding colour to the line was an added bonus.

I settled on f11 for the aperture & bulb for the shutter speed & kept putting the lens cap on when the road was empty. Its great sometimes to get out & have a play & the time spent staring at the cars was quite mesmerising. I kept wondering what their final destination was. Seeing the trails disappear into the horizon or around the corner just added to the mystery.

Having achieved my goal I decided to try & be clever & see what I could capture at the busy junction by the house. I was like a kid with a new toy & eventually drew attention to myself & was showing people what I was up to.

Hope you like these shots…


6 thoughts on “Light Trails at last!

  1. I think I like the 3rd one the best actually. Something having to do with the street lights in the background. For me, they add something to the image that the others don’t have. If you don’t mind me asking, how long was your exposure?



    • Hi Nate

      I agree with you. I moved to this spot purely as I wanted to get some extra detail in to the shot that I thought was missing from the motorway pictures.

      I shot on iso100, f11 & to be honest the exposure was very mixed. I kept the shutter open under bulb settings & kept covering the lens with the cap to get more detail. It was probably open for about 2 minutes on average.

      Thanks for stopping by & for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

      John πŸ™‚

  2. Hi John!!! Crazy about Crossroads and Light trails 1!!!! great job!!!! I’ve also wanted to try it….. will definitely try to do so in the near future!!! Well done!!! πŸ™‚ **

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