Is it a ghost?

Last Saturday was light trails night but whilst stood on the bridge over the road I decided to play with my iPhone drawing a circle in the air as I walked over the bridge. I loved the fact that it showed up at all, but I needed more…

This shot was taken after rushing back to the car for the torch realising that I just had to improve on the brightness of the iPhone. Its my fave of the lot, but I do want to improve my technique. Back to the drawing board possibly?

I then decided that a shot of some mini spirals was needed, also moving towards the camera. I was fairly pleased, but I started to wonder where I was in the picture. I know that if you set a long shutter speed you can make moving people disappear from a shot but given that I was stood still I wondered why I didn’t show at all!

Here is my ghost! Can you spot it? Torch in hand & shining on my face I stood in the same spot for about two minutes determined to get in the frame. This was all I got. Just love it.


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