You have to Beleaf me…

Tonight I share my pictures to my first ever photo competition entry.

The two large pictures were my entries to Matt Korinek’s and I throughly enjoyed the entire experience.

I have enjoyed photography for years.  I have always had a fairly good camera & snapped away at almost everything.  Nine years ago I gave up smoking (20+ a day) & set myself a challenge that in one years time I would buy myself a decent SLR using my fag money.  £5+ a day for 365 days gave me a lot of cash & I proudly bought a Canon 30D plus lens and set out with a huge amount of energy to take pictures.  To this day I still save my £5 a day & have upgraded cameras & lens where I now have a 5D Mk2 plus several L series lens.  I will never use the full capabilities of this equipment but everyday is a learning day & I aim to improve all of the time.  I know that the equipment is capable, I just need to learn how to use it!!  A challenge is just what I needed…..

Matt’s inaugural challenge was plant life & I decided on these leaves, as the vein detail was amazing & I wanted to capture this.  I have never used the off camera flash facility that I have & quite frankly didn’t have a clue how to start.  I played for hours, blinding myself with the flash with it too low, flash settings too high made the leaf look like it was on fire, too low & I had great pictures of nothing.  Holding a leaf & keeping the thing in focus was another challenge, keeping small boy to hold the leaf I failed at, finding a cane to hold the leaf was a winner.  I played for hours, I avoided the hoovering, cooking, washing up and most other chores for the day.  Even the dog was bored.

The upside was that I had a blast.  I got two pictures that I was pleased with, learnt a lot & had a great deal of fun.  I didn’t win, but its the taking part that counts.  Roll on the next challenge.

You must check out Matt’s blog at Matt Korniek 5omm experiment, he has some amazing pictures & really great advice.


4 thoughts on “You have to Beleaf me…

  1. What an amazing story John! I think it’s amazing that you quit smoking and leveraged that great achievement into something you love – photography! Very insirational!! I’m going to link to this post for sure. 🙂 Awesome blog post.

    • Thanks Matt, very kind words & I really appreciate the link as well. 🙂 I have to say I have never felt better & getting out into the open air taking shots is something I would never have done before.

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