Night time homework

My daughter is currently taking photography in college & has just started a theme of imagination. Her idea using a film camera is to take pictures of trees & her friends in long flowing dresses looking like fairies & to create a montage. My support of this was to drive the girls to the woods & set up the tripod. I leave the creative stuff to them. I hope she publishes some of her work on this. Should be interesting.

Whilst waiting I preceded to try my hand at some long exposures. These were my best three attempts. The first two were the silhouette of a tree with the moon in the background, taken at f/10, the darker one was exposed for 93s & the second for 223s. I think I prefer the second. What do you think? Any advice in this area would be great. I guess the secret is to simply play..

The third shot was looking out over the Vale of Taunton, capturing the glow of the town lights & their reflection in the clouds. I was actually really pleased with this shot. I did crop a large part of the bottom of the picture as it was just dark. I think it looks far better like this.


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