A trip to the beach

Work is seriously getting in the way of any new photography at the moment so its another delve into the archives.

Having managed to take the dog for a walk & not take the camera, I had to revert to some pictures I took the last time I walked on Brean Down. A cliff top walk to the old Brean Down Fort is an excellent walk & well worth doing.

I caught this shot & just loved the silhouette it produced against the sunset.

This shot, from the top just stood out on the day. The lines in the sand made from the sea water draining out, the great looking sky & the way it lit the hills in the back ground. Needs a little more foreground interest & I’ll plan for this next time I go up.

Nothing much to say on this shot. I just love the shapes from the driftwood & the wonder of where it started its journey.

At this point we were getting silly with the shots. It was small boy & I playing with shadows. Getting the dog to sit long enough to get a shot of the three of us was hard work. I won in the end.!!


3 thoughts on “A trip to the beach

      • I think you should! I was totally inspired at the Guggenheim last week and took some silhouette’s myself. There’s one on my present post – 2nd past photo 🙂 And taking photo’s of ‘shadow animal/hands’ is way too fun! Who knew?

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