Tarr Steps revisited

Tarr Steps is a beautiful area on Exmoor that I never get bored with. The walk along the river is so relaxing that I wish I lived closer. There are some wonderful areas to take pictures. The water shots I really enjoy & have tried black & white this time. Would love some feedback on what you think & advice to improve.
The bridge there is a real beauty & warrants an autumn visit to capture the wonderful colours of the trees. I focused on the bridge & the water this time.

ISO100, f/8, 24-105 lens @ 73mm, 0.8s, edited with Aperture

The bridge over the river has been in place for years & years. I remember walking (& falling off) as a young lad and this picture taken fairly low down reminds me of the view I had at this time & the walk up the hill at the end of it back to the car.

ISO100, f/4, 24-105 @60mm, 1/60s

My final shot today was obviously of the same bridge but my first shot of the faithful hound debating whether to throw herself off the side again. I just love the way she was looking into the water.

Molly on Tarr Steps


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