Bichon Frise puppies

Its been a while since the last blog, work has been crazy since the unwanted return to & the unwanted commute to Woking. Also not helped this week as I left the camera at home. Not only that but I also left my photo drive at home as well. Unable to take pictures or look at old pictures I had to resort to the gym instead.
Two years ago I was really fit & completed the Three Peaks Challenge, today I would struggle with one peak. I must dig out those pictures as well one night. Anyway, my fitness regime has started, so now I need to combine blog plus fitness. Hopefully it will help me get to some new places.

I decided tonight to add some cuteness to the blog. My mother just loves dogs & has recently had a litter of Bichon Frise puppies, not mum obviously but you know what I mean. These little ladies are just two weeks old & so made easy targets for a picture. Mum wants to capture some shots every couple of weeks so expect to see some more photos over the coming weeks.


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