Tree painting by torchlight

One of the things I have always wanted to do was to paint by torchlight. I have seen many pictures of derelict buildings painted this way. Before heading off to the hills to “paint”, I decided to have a go using this tree next to the house. Small daughter was busy taking pictures on film for college of fairies (lots of pictures of girls in posh frocks with candles) so I decided to have have a play as well.
This first shot sort of gave me the basic idea, but the street lamp in the back ground was annoying. Time to move the camera.

IOS640, f/16, 56s, 55mm

This second shot was better I think as I had removed the unwanted lamp, but the glow was still there. I need to have a darker background for the next attempt. I admit that its also not the most interesting tree in the world but practice makes perfect & this was two minutes away from the house.

ISO640, f/16, 83s, 55mm

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