Dunster Yarn Market

This weekend was a busy one, but I did manage to finally take some pictures. Small boy had football in Minehead this week (we won 4-2 by the way) & we decided that we would spend a few hours sight seeing after.

Tonight is a bit of a history lesson. I’ve always been fascinated with old historic houses, towns & castles etc & Dunster is right on our doorstep. Its a wonderful medieval village, complete with its castle which unfortunately we couldn’t visit but I did get this great picture of the Yarn Market in the centre. It was originally built around 1590 to sell cloth in the town which was a centre for clothing production in the area. Restored after the civil war in 1647 it is a wonderful building. I have added a link on Wiki for anyone after some more information. Dunster Yarn Market

As I’ve always stated I do very little editing of pictures preferring to get a good shot in camera, but I have edited this shot for the sepia look given that its such an old monument. The pictures on the website all have modern cars showing & all in colour. I managed to get a position where I couldn’t see anything modern in the frame apart from the drain & the writing on the road.

ISO400, f/6.3, 1/250, 28mm

Here you can see the excellent centre pillar taking the strain of the slate roof.

I captured this image of the castle which stands over the village as well. Old meets new. I wish I could capture this shot without all of the cars showing. It came out better than I expected though.


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