Back in time

These two pictures were taken in Allerford nr Minehead. Its a wonder old village & driving through is like travelling back in time. The old houses & the old blacksmiths yard looked excellent. I couldn’t get a picture of the blacksmith though. He declined my request for a shot of him & the building & I didn’t like to upset him so disappeared out of the way.

This little bridge is only a footpath. The cars have to travel through the river which is fine on a day like today but can be bad when the river is raging.


4 thoughts on “Back in time

  1. Lovely black and white! i really like the shot with the black horse pub, there so much going on!

    I have been inspired by blogs like yours to set up my own one and if you have the time, id love you to critique it, what you like and what you dont.

    Im so glad i found this lovely blog, it has a good ratio of photos to commentary.

    Thanks again and i’ll leave the link to make it easier for you if you do decide to come over and have a look.

    • Hi

      Many thanks for your kind words. You will see from your own blog that comments such as yours make a huge impact on a person. It’s wonderful to have people appreciate your work.
      I will definitely be coming across to have a look at your site.

      I look forward to catching up with you on the site.

      John 🙂

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