Plant challenge

Its been a while since the last “Name that Plant challenge” so I thought tonight I would add these two pictures to the blog. Again taken with ye olde Fuji Finepix 5000 (still can’t find it) camera. These were my first attempts at plant life photography back in the days when I had hair. This a really large plant & I didn’t do it justice cropping in so close. Be nice to know what it’s called though?

I added this as well from the same day. I just love this cactus forest. So much greenery & very prickly as I discovered. Note to self “read the signs – prickly & sharp is not a lie – no need to test for accuracy”

10 thoughts on “Plant challenge

    • Many thanks indeed for the reblog. I really appreciate it. I will be along shortly to have a good look at your blog as well. Best wishes. John

  1. Sago palm. . .which is actually a type of cycad. Cycas revoluta, I think is its other name if I recall correctly offhand. The cactus look like some type of euphorbia. The

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