Sticks on a Beach – Part Deux

With Britain stuck in its annual freeze & the weatherman predicting doom & gloom in the form of snow, I decided this weekend was my one chance to capture some snow pictures for the year. Batteries charged, wellies & tripod loaded into the car in anticipation, I went to bed expecting to see snow the next morning. As always though, here in the West Country, it rains. No snow & really not interested in getting wet, I decided to break out Photoshop.
I bought this a while back & have never really used it. It seemed a good idea at the time, but I never seem to get time to sit & learn. However with the rain falling hard I decided to follow the suggestions of one of my blog followers. I love receiving feedback on my pictures & getting some advice on how to improve them further is just what I need to ensure I learn more about this fantastic hobby.

Make sure when you have finished reading this blog, that you go & take a look at The Mofman’s Modes of Flight blog. Allan has some wonderful pictures & commentary that will take up hours of your time.

Anyway to the task in hand. My Sticks on a Beach blog a few weeks back was a bit of fun really, in that I had no idea what they were for (& still don’t) & was an attempt (i think) at being creative. Allan suggested that I crop in a little tighter & apply a brown duotone effect to the picture. Now as I said, having never used Photoshop I thought this was going to be a task & a half, finding my way around all of those buttons. Reaching for the Scott Kelby book I bought at the same time I discovered the instructions were on just one page. What an easy edit, & I think it has certainly made a difference to the final piece. I would value any new comments on my editing skills (or lack of – lol) & ways that I could perhaps make more changes to this or any of my photos. I have a steep learning curve to travel.

Its still raining, but I have had a lot of fun this afternoon, so I give you…

Some Sticks on a Beach – Part Deux. 🙂 Thanks Allan for the suggestion, I really appreciate it. Idea No 2 is in the planning. I need the tides right!


4 thoughts on “Sticks on a Beach – Part Deux

  1. Love it! Real good! This is pretty crisp!

    You could even use a darker brown without losing too much detail. To create greater contrast; if you want it in, ensure that you switch back to RGB mode, work in a gentle S-curve to your liking in the Curves dialogue box, and then walk away.

    I’m glad this worked out. It has a sophisticated look. What do you think, Milton? Are you happy with it? You’re the artists, you get the last word.

    You have to be willing to say that you would gladly purchase your own work and putin in your home, office, restaurant, store or even your own body (e.g. tattoo). If you’re satisfied, print a few large ones, and see if you get any interested buyers; framed and unframed. You know I’ll keep following.

    • Thank you Allan for the positive feedback. I’m really pleased. I have to say, I do like it a lot. What started out as a fun shot has turned into something unique.

      I think I will have this printed & framed. You never know your luck.

      Thanks for the advice & I hope to have Idea No 2 soon. Best wishes. John 🙂

  2. Awesome!! Its great what ” themofman” said about you have to be willing to buy your own images. That is exactly how I do it when I photography my work. I always look at it and say, would I buy this? Yes! Ok, its getting posted…Great contrast, I love working with sepia tones.

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