Look into the Eyes!

So, here we go, the macro adventure starts here…

Now please bare with me whilst I learn to handle this new lens. I have been talking for many weeks now about buying a Macro lens & last week I mentioned that I had finally done the deed. Its a Canon 100mm f/2.8. I did not realise however, until I attached it to the camera, quite how much depth of field effect that is achievable. These shots, hand held, were my first shots (displayed here to (hopefully) show improvement in the coming weeks) and whilst certainly not sharp amazed me. Daffy Duck sits on my router in the office & is no more than an inch tall. I went for the eyes thinking that I would get his face all in focus, but only got the eyes. Its fantastic. Moving out a little, caught a little more, but wow, this is good.

To demonstrate this effect a little more, I focused on the M on the Mac & this was the only key in focus. I’m loving this lens.

I’ll be working on some new shots in the coming weeks. Portraits as well which I rarely do. What a great pastime this is…


2 thoughts on “Look into the Eyes!

    • Thanks so much for the approval. I was a bit concerned of the quality. The lighting was not perfect at all. My next batch are a marked improvement.

      Hope you agree. Take care.


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