Focus on Crocus

I just love admiring plants & flowers & studying the detail in the leaves & buds & now with the macro lens I can get even closer. This batch of photos was a great deal of fun to take & yet another lesson learnt about planning! Setting up the tripod I manually focused on the centre of the Crocus until I was really happy that I had got it right this time. Next was dealing with the shadows that were starting to creep across the petals so I broke out the reflector for the first time. The different colours obtained on the first few shots were simply changing from gold to silver & white.

For this shot I decided to pull back a little just to show the surrounding flowers & then decided I would also attach the interval cable & try & capture the plant closing as darkness descended. This is where the planning part comes in. I had been on manual the whole time so far, so when setting up to take more pictures I forgot to change to AV & whilst the first shot was excellent I lost the light as the sun went down. The next 30 shots were all too dark!! A quick change & I captured a few but I didn’t quite get as dramatic effect as I was after. After sitting for a while longer on the garden, I admit I did get impatient & called it a day. An hours dog walk later & my crocus was also fully closed. I should have left the camera in place & plonked the dog next to it to stand guard.

I would also like to point out that this is the first flower that I have been able to name on the blog!!

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