Harbour Reflections

Something simple for tonight. My Harbour Reflections.

Taken a couple of weeks ago at dusk I was trying to capture the harbour reflections & the lights from the houses. I always admit to not being the editing expert but I was actually pleased with how these turned out. I added a little contrast & definition & boosted the shadows a touch. The last picture I pushed the shadows a bit more to bring out the harbour wall. I can’t quite make up my mind if this is a little too much as it looks almost like the flash was on.

Any thoughts on how I can improve are always very much appreciated.

F11, 15s, 35mm. ISO 200
f11, 35mm, ISO 200, 15s
f/11, 35mm, 15s, ISO200

6 thoughts on “Harbour Reflections

  1. I like the top one the best. I think you chose a good time of night before it got really dark. I also like the lights’ reflections on the wet sand and the water which have a nice contrast to them.

  2. I really like these shots. I wish I could be transported into one of them 🙂 I like them all but there’s something about the second shot – I like the colours and perspective alot. Great photos!

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