Steam Trip Part 3

The last of these pictures are a collection of the items that make the railway here so authentic. The one picture missing here is the Fat Controller!! He told me off as I was spread on the floor taking the pictures of the track. I didn’t like to ask for a picture after. Would have made a nice touch though.


4 thoughts on “Steam Trip Part 3

  1. I like the second and third photo of the rail tracks – because it allows one to see how light can bring a different feeling to the photo. I must say lately I have been thoroughly enjoying your photos – I think you have stepped a notch! Good work. (I always enjoy them, but lately they have taken on a new meaning if that makes sense?)

    • Many thanks indeed for the comments. This really does mean a lot to me. I just love the comments & the feedback. It really does make you want to experiment & play even more. πŸ™‚

  2. I too prefer the higher contrast on the tracks.

    That’s a great trip. You’re clearly inspired, and having the time of your life with that camera.

  3. Thanks so much. You are right, I am having a great time with the camera recently. Following other blogs has been really inspirational.
    Thanks again for the great feedback. Your lessons on Photoshop have been great & I find myself looking even more at the detail. πŸ™‚

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