Water challenge practice

Last weekend it was all about pictures for Matt Korinek’s 50mm Experiment – Water Challenge. Having purchased a 50mm lens only a few days prior I knew that I had to get some practice in before the deadline.

These are just a few of the practice pictures I took. I started off at the kitchen sink, trying to capture water movement & texture. As you can see the first idea was a complete failure.
We then moved to the river where I tried the classic slow moving water trick & various other views & whilst they were OK, still didn’t tick the box. I was still after the different shapes that water would make.
It was then that we moved onto balloons filled with water. Tomorrow, I’ll share the various attempts that I had with these, but Ive added a couple of pictures to the gallery where we threw them in the air & tried to capture them landing. I have to say, a very fun afternoon was had by all. No decent pictures but oh well.


6 thoughts on “Water challenge practice

  1. I like the idea of the water and the spoon! Pretty cool. I do that when Im washing up, by accident, and the water goes all over me – that photo reminded me of when I do that! lol

    • I didn’t add to the post at the time but we seriously made a mess in the kitchen. Took ages to clear up. It was more like the local pool on the floor!

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