Balloon fun – Water challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve added my balloon popping pictures tonight. These were all taken in an attempt to get a picture good enough to enter the 50mm Experiment – Water Challenge and whilst I may not win, the boys & I had a laugh. 75 balloons later, three very wet bodies & a soaked camera, it all got very silly!!

We tried every way possible to get different shots. The two shots above were somewhere close to what I was after, which was to try & retain the balloon shape in the water as it was popped.

Lets kick the balloon & see what happens here!

Ahh, really bad idea, thats me & the entire camera completely soaked

It was after this shot that we started throwing balloons at the boys or just popping them over their heads.


19 thoughts on “Balloon fun – Water challenge

    • Many thanks. I think I’ll need good luck. I got a bit carried away in the end & forgot my backgrounds. A little too cluttered for me. Definitely fun though.

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    • It was fun. Small boy has been out & bought more balloons & spent ages with his friends. It’s amazing how much fun you can have for virtually nothing.

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  1. It is so awesome to see how much fun you guys had coming up with photos for the challenge! I really like the ones where the water is exploding all over their heads. I think the idea of kicking the water balloon is a keeper as well. Great work John!

    • Thanks Matt. It was certainly good fun. The kicking shot was good but thank heavens for a 5d. Both it & I were soaked. I tried to get the angel so it would miss, but I didn’t account for small boy who missed the shot!

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