M & Ms

Tonight is pure & simple an addiction. I love M & Ms & on finding a 4 storey shop of M & Ms, toys, gifts, models, more M & Ms, fluffy characters, M & M gadgets, bedding, underwear, pyjamas, more M & Ms, the list goes on & on & did I mention they sell M & Ms, I just had to take a few pictures.

Back to normal tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “M & Ms

  1. why do you love m&m’s? Just curious. The color, the smooth shape, the little enticing size, the simplicity of the name, a mere chocolate addiction? Pray tell.

  2. I was reading comments on Nick Mayo’s blog and came across yours. I think the people who follow you should read what you wrote: “I have to say Nick that I am constantly amazed at how you manage to make something so simple look so great & create a story & atmosphere behind every picture. You are making me look so differently at whats around me but I don’t seem to have the creative oomph the same as you.” Brother, don’t kid yourself. Like Nick said in reply, don’t sell your creative genius short. I agree with him. I love your work. If this is not creative then what is?

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