C’mon, Give us a chip

It’s been a busy weekend & all plans about taking pictures were thrown out of the window when small boy announced he had a football tournament to attend on Saturday. I decided though to take the camera in the hope that I could capture something of the day.

This photo is certainly not the most artistic photo I have ever taken, but I just had to share it. Walking between matches, I saw this dog looking longingly at its owners chips, just staring, with the odd lick of its lips in the vain hope that a chip would be passed across.
In the few minutes I watched, this greedy git ate the lot!!


3 thoughts on “C’mon, Give us a chip

  1. There’s something missing in your picture! The dog might be salivating, but he’s also afraid – look at his back, hind legs and tail – all fearful. My dog would be in an ecstasy of tail wagging and bottom wriggling begging for a chip!

    • I never saw this until now. You are so right. My black lab goes mad when there is even the slightest whiff of a chip. I wonder why this one was so different.
      Many thanks indeed.

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