Triangular Heights

As I mentioned yesterday we had a day trip to Exeter this weekend, a city I used to work & live in years ago. A lot has changed since we lived here namely the new car park in Princeshay in the City Centre. The whole area has been transformed from quite a drab shopping experience to a vibrant, bright & interesting place. I’ll post some more pictures during the week.

Anyway, the car park – thankfully it has a lift as getting to the top as you can see, is a long way up. Having decided the car was on the 5th floor & finding it wasn’t, I decided that a lost car was an opportunity for a picture. The 7th floor beckoned & a short ride up saw us looking at all of the triangles & the leading bannister all the way back down. I see these pictured quite often & just love the patterns that come out in the pictures. I left this top picture as shot but I thought a black & white version might look good as well. I can’t quite make up my mind which I like best. I think the B & W may have the edge, but I’ll be interested in what others have to say.

The car was eventually found on the 3rd floor. Its a good job we weren’t in a hurry as it was the last floor we tried!!


9 thoughts on “Triangular Heights

  1. This blows my mind! I love it. Immediately I thought, ‘how would this look in black and white?’ I can’t decide which I like better. I am draw to the yellow developing as the stairs get closer in the middle, but I do like the high lights in the black and white one! Awesome. Well done.

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