I love to travel & my fave method of travel is to grab myself a “small” ship like the one above & kick back & relax from the moment I step on board. For me, its the way to travel. No checking in bags at the airport, no flying, no transfers & no doubt about what the accommodation will be like at the other end. I admit to being a bit of a creature of comforts. Tents were ok as a small lad but the UK puts you off camping cause it never stops raining & I hate sleeping in the wet. This lady comes in at about 72,000 tonnes & is the perfect hotel.

The food is the other reason to cruise. I always put on half a stone whilst on holiday because everything looks so good & it would be rude not to try it. I may have had two main courses already but the puddings always look great & of course afternoon tea & a large evening meal & then supper just to make sure you stay topped up!!

The top picture I have had on my office wall now for a couple of years but always as just black & white. I think I may have to swap for this version. The flag just needed to be colour when I look back on it.

Its just 48 days now until we head for Southampton for a trip on a ship even bigger than this one & I can’t wait.


10 thoughts on “Aurora

  1. “my fave method of travel is to grab myself a “small” ship like the one above” …I wish I could say that…just grab myself a small ship haha. great shots and I think I understand why you love to travel this way…must be quite an adventure! And only 48 days before you leave on such a small” ship…I envy you!

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