One to climb

ISO 200, f/22, 1/8, 200mm

I’ve passed this tree so many times during the winter & never taken any notice as it always looks the same as the rest. Passing it for the first time in a while it stood out like a sore thumb. Its clearly dead, but the branches really caught my eye. I’ve tried it as a black & white as well. I’m not sure which I like best. I think the colour has the edge purely as the tree looks so contrasting between the rest of the landscape.


6 thoughts on “One to climb

  1. I can’t decide on either of these. I say return in the dark. Set up bright lights for 1/2 to 3/4 lighting up one side, shoot with the background completely not illuminated and prost-prod with inky blacks surrounding contrasting tree details. Let’s see what that’s like.

    • Now this sounds like a great project to have a go at. Unfortunately I don’t have any lights powerful enough to light it up & you certainly wouldn’t get the car close enough, or at least back out of the field. I have a powerful torch though. I may try & paint it one night. Thanks for the feedback Allan. Always appreciated. đŸ™‚

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