Shield Bug

Back to Macro tonight & my first post for a few days since I risked life & limb on a Segway scooter. I was crashed into by one of colleagues & now have several cracked ribs & the biggest bruise you have ever seen. Photography or even moving is going to be a struggle for a few days. Just before the grand holiday as well. Oh well.

This little chap is called a Shield Bug. Now as everyone knows I’m hopeless on the names of things but small daughter suggested I enter “Green Bug” into Google & see what comes out. Darn me she was right. This was the first picture I saw. Perfect first time. I’m going to try this more often. I could come across knowledgeable for a change!!

This chap was also camera shy & presented a challenge. I was tempted at one point to stick sellotape over the top to stop him moving. Whilst I fetched the camera, set up tripod & attached the Macro lens he sat perfectly still. As soon as I was focused – he moved. We played chase over the back of the chair for some time before he ran out of breath & I was able to catch these few shots. I was really pleased with how they came out eventually. With a little more patience I’m sure I could get closer. Next I see him, I’ll have another go.


7 thoughts on “Shield Bug

    • Thanks Marina, I’m on the mend thankfully & as long as I don’t move to much it doesn’t hurt so bad. At least on holiday next week & yes its a cruise I can sit back & do nothing for an entire 16 nights. I can’t wait.

      • You may have an advantage on the cruise if you sport a sling. I tore my ligament on a cruise (don’t ask!) and the sympathy vote was huge. You can be a bit of a celebrity in your own right. Just be prepared to tell your story over many cocktails in the cruise lounge(s). Mend quickly (but not too quickly!) 🙂

      • I may just try that. I’m moving so slowly at the moment, people are bound to ask what’s up. I can see the benefits. Lol.

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