They don’t make them like this anymore

At last, I’ve finally managed to sit in front of the Mac & start to work on all of the holiday snaps.

Since returning from the cruise & having less than 24 hours home before returning for an extended time at work away from the house again, the feet have not touched the ground. Just before I finished work I was told I was going to be taking up a new role in our IT Dept, which is fantastic but it does mean a steep learning curve for a few weeks.
Once I did get back home, I have seriously had to catch up on some chores & after visiting the relatives this weekend, I have finally managed to sit down. I have managed to catch up on all of the blogs I am following & have seen some excellent pictures as always.

And to get going again, I took these pictures this afternoon of my Aunts old Box Brownie on the iPhone. I have never got my hands on one before & the kids & I were all intrigued on how the thing worked & how you would manage to get a picture out of it. Fascinating piece of kit.

I know its not a holiday shot but I’m still wading through them. Posting daily (almost) will start from tomorrow.

Great to be back on the blog…


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