How not to take moon shots

Now, my aim with these pictures was to get the moon nicely reflecting on the sea which I thought would look good. With my sunset pictures, a moving ship didn’t seem to be a problem. I even planned ahead, as I brought the tripod so I could take just this picture. Slower shutter speed due to less light, sat on tripod, no problem.

I forgot the part about the ship moving!! I also failed to swap the lens & stayed with my faithful 24-105 so I didn’t really get a large moon shot either. I suppose I did manage to get the sea smooth which was something but not quite what I was after.

I thought a tungsten setting may help add a little creativity. I actually like the colours, but its still not perfect.

This was sort of what I was aiming for, reflection, but still a long way off real quality.

Time to reach for the manual. Where did I go wrong?

7 thoughts on “How not to take moon shots

  1. haha i still think that these images are really cool! it looks like ‘the sea’ is a type of fabric or surface, it looks really cool!! I’d be happy i ended making something so strange – trust me, it looks awesome! nice work 😉

    • Aww, Many thanks for the approval. I see what you mean about the fabric. It does look like this. Its far from the reflection I was after though. Next time. 🙂

  2. I actually love these photos. The water has a metallic quality – I think it’s great! I think that if you crop the moon out (so you don’t know where the light is coming from) you will end up with an abstract winner!

    • Thanks Matt, I really appreciate your comment. I will get onto this immediately & repost.

      I hope all is well with your new job. I guess you have been busy on your new projects as you have been very quiet. Good to hear from you. 🙂

      • Yeah things are great with the new job – definitely busy! Lots of fun though. Will finally have some time to get back to my own work – swing by the blog again sometime! 🙂

        I look forward to seeing your crop. Might be interesting to angle the horizon as well? Just a thought.

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