Dom Luís Bridge, Porto

The Dom Luís Bridge is a metal arch bridge that spans the Douro River between the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal. At the time of construction its span of 172 m was the longest of its type in the world. It was amazing to read that this bridge was built over a period of 5 years, being completed in 1886.
Originally built to take road traffic on both decks, the top deck is now occupied by the Metro do Porto and a pedestrian walkway which is where the past couple of days photos were taken.


3 thoughts on “Dom Luís Bridge, Porto

  1. we too came across this bridge on a road trip through Portugal a few years ago [when we were actually staying in nice comfortable hotel rooms you’ll be pleased to read ^-^] but I actually did not know you could also walk on top so now I feel like we missed out 😦 On a positive: that might be a good enough reason to go back… the van ^-^

    • Definitely go back. I didn’t think there was a lot to see when we first arrived, but as you spent more time there, the attractions were endless. I loved it. It was such a shame we had only a short stop. Its one place we will visit again.

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