Wife cruelty!

My wife loves a good joke & its a good job married to me. To those who know me I do tend to be a little on the sarcastic side, but I also love the practical jokes I can play with Rach. Once in the “shopping mode” she is completely oblivious to anything going on around her, which makes it an ideal time (with my small daughter as accomplice) to take a few pictures. The pictures just happen to contain various odd signs that we can “place” on her at the time. We were only quick enough for one though. 🙂 Small boy entertained inside whilst my accomplice held up the sign.

I had forgotten this particular shot from this years holiday until we were making up a new album together. Her face was a picture I would love to have captured. The names she called me cannot be printed. This shot was excluded from the album so I decided to publish it to the world instead.


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