Exmoor landscape

This will be last of my snow pictures, a) because the rest of them are not that good, & b) the snow is gone! We are back to good old rain here in the West Country. And plenty of it.
One thing I did learn in all of my snow trips was to ensure that you go equipped with plenty of warm weather gear & wellies. Now wellies are not the ideal thing to drive in so I wore the Crocs in the car. Crocs are not good in the snow, hence I learn’t my lesson. Put the wellies on when you get out of the car. Standing in a foot of snow in Crocs is cold, even for a second. They leak!! Wellies don’t.

Exmoor landscape 1

There will be the purists of you out there who are thinking that his horizon is not level in the shot below. I thought that as well & straightened it up. Then I remembered I was on the hills & thats how it was. They were not made level. So there you have it. A slope.

Exmoor landscape 2


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