Just take the picture!!

Dragon Fly

Whilst definitely not the best dragon fly photo available, this was my best effort at the time, given that this little chap was not playing by the rules.

Having flown into the conservatory, I jumped up, grabbed the tripod, camera & the macro lens & set about attaching everything together as fast as I could. Now I don’t claim to be the quickest at setting up the tripod, changing the lens & getting it framed up quick (I could never work for F1 as changing a tyre in 3 seconds is beyond me) but give me a chance. With tripod at the ready & lens attached to the camera I set about attaching camera to tripod & my little friend here moved – right to the end of my finger!!! Not wanting to lose the shot, I tried hard to hold camera & finger steady to get a picture. Given that both were moving I think this is not a bad attempt.

Looking at him now, I really do get the feeling that he was trying to tell me to hurry up! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Just take the picture!!

    • Hi Allan, shot at 1/400, 100 ISO with the 100mm Macro lens. If I could have held finger & camera a little steadier it would have been better. 🙂

  1. Very well done. I recently took a mini landscape shot of the hairs on my wrist. The fly that landed while I was taking shots left just as I clicked the shutter.

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