My little girl

I’ve not posted for a while, not since returning from holiday as work has been so busy & life at home has been busy as well. A new chapter in life has begun. My little girl has moved to London & starts university tomorrow to study photography. A big step for her & an amazing adventure to embark on. Life as a uni student, with everything that brings & the huge leaning curve she will experience in her photography. Its only been a few days & I have started to miss her at home already…

Good luck Tash & enjoy the experience. love you loads. XXXXXXX


Little girl


7 thoughts on “My little girl

  1. Yes when they fly the coop one gets a feeling of loss… and somehow although they continue to return home for one reason or another… the little girl that used to live there is gone forever, replaced by a woman with so much more sense and intelligence… but in our hearts they remain our little girl forever… (talking from experience from oh so many years ago)

    • What wonderful words & they really sum up the feeling exactly. It’s strange as I actually work away but the first weekend without her home seemed very strange. At work we are actually only an hour apart so will hopefully see more of her anyway.

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