The road to no where

Our recent holiday was spent in Rhodes, a beautiful Greek island well worth a visit if anyone is looking for a holiday. We stayed in a small town called Pefkos, a fantastic place that was perfect for relaxing, eating, drinking, more eating & generally spending the rest of the time doing nothing. At 40 + degrees most days it was just too hot to do much.

One day we ventured over to the nearby town of Lindos where we walked for hours along cobbled streets taking in the sights & sounds. More pictures to follow on this over the coming days or possibly weeks. This shot depicts the one area we found on the island that appeared to be complete chaos & far from relaxing.
You can’t park in Lindos. You have to park the car at the top of the hill & walk down to the town which was behind me in this picture. It also appeared to be a road to no-where. All of the cars coming down the hill were then pointed straight back up the hill by these very angry guys with whistles who constantly shouted & blew at all of the cars coming down. There was simply no-where to go. The sign pointing to the car park beach was slightly misleading as well as there was no car park!!
Fantastic place to visit though…



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