London Crowds

I took this picture a few weeks back whilst on yet another trip into London & its only now that I have the time to add a few more posts. I was prompted to add this one after seeing another similar shot yesterday in my photo magazine. The artist was telling the tale of how this shot was tricky mainly as he had to avoid being caught by the police. I’m trying to make up my mind if he was on the run or if I was not supposed to be taking pictures there.
To be honest I’m possibly a little carefree when it comes to taking shots & I’ll pitch up anywhere & take a picture. Possibly as my only motive is to get a shot rather than espionage! Liverpool St Station didn’t strike me as somewhere I had to be careful in.

Urban buzz
Urban buzz

2 thoughts on “London Crowds

  1. It really is sad, the places where photography is either banned or heavily curtailed and scrutinized as though it’s going to cause some sort of fiasco.

    • I agree & given the fact that virtually everyone has a smart phone now capable of taking pictures makes it even more annoying when genuine photographers are stopped from fulfilling their hobby.

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