Burrowbridge Rainbow

Burrowbridge Rainbow

A few months back I posted some pictures of Burrowbridge. You will probably heard of this place. Its been on the news over here every day now for a month virtually. The floods continue to get worse & the entire area is now underwater. Living so close, I can visit in less than 10 minutes, but I can never begin to understand how the local residents are feeling. Their entire lives are upside down & will be for months to come as the authorities try & deal with what is becoming a nightmare for the area. I visited a couple of days ago to see for myself again the amount of water that has been added to the levels & its now one large lake. This picture should be one of rolling green fields. All there is now is water.

The rainbow appeared just as I was taking this shot. Its the one thing that makes the area look better at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Burrowbridge Rainbow

  1. This has been an intense winter for the northern hemisphere. I wish them a quick recovery, and I hope governments will provide them whatever assistance they need to fight their way back.

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