Going underground

I am always fascinated by the underground in London. So many years ago they managed to carve out so many tunnels that are still used by so many people today. Just going up & down the different levels knowing that you are passing under so many iconic spots in London.
Can you imagine trying to build something like this nowadays. It would never happen!!
Underground (2)


4 thoughts on “Going underground

  1. In our area, they pave new streets everyday. Then, within a year, they rip them up because they forgot something or the sewer system needs to be enlarged or new underground cables need to be laid. So for a new subway? Unbelievable. No way. Your shot of the London Underground is most impressive. How did you get everything black and white except for the posters? It is not simply selective color, is it? Whatever it is, it is really beautiful.

    • Hi Many thanks for your comment. This was simply colour popping of the pictures on the side. It takes ages sometimes but the results are worth it. I’m glad you like it.
      We have the problem here as well. You would think that they would all organise to repair or replace pipework at the same time whilst the road was up wouldn’t you!!

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