Playtime Fog

Playtime fog

My first post for a while. I’ve been struggling to get back into the swing of posting, time has not been on my side & a lack of inspiration hasn’t helped. Photographers block!!

The time away has not been spent without a camera in hand though. I was asked by the local football club to take a portrait of every club member from Under 7 to Under 15 plus team photos. 180 pictures plus. Saturday mornings have been busy taking the shots & the rest of the weekend (in-between chores) editing & adding names & logos to the shots. Printing was easy, a quick upload to Photobox did the job.
Small boy plays in the U14’s & I do help with some of the admin for the team & ultimately the club will make some money from the work but I think next year I need to advertise the service to the other clubs as well. Every parent wants a shot of their child & with so many football clubs around I should be making some money here!! The requests from our own club come in thick & fast & the repeat printing will create even more work once the grandparents take a look as well.

In the meantime I have been trying to get a few shots in. This one from March is a start again. The fog was thick & with the poor light & cold, what could be a better time to get out & take some pictures. 🙂 Converting to B & W adds some creepy atmosphere to the shot of this play park behind the house.

Its a start back to the more frequent posting. Hope you enjoy. John


9 thoughts on “Playtime Fog

    • Hi Judie

      Yes, all subsided now. You would not think there was ever a flood now until you get close to the houses. The devastation was immense & nobody can live there yet. We actually took a few shots last week, so I will post them soon.

      Take care. John

  1. Good for you MJ, and good if you do start making money at it too.

    Glad to see you finding time to get back to your blog. I know how difficult it can be to find the time.

    • I do hope so. I’ve spent hours taking the pictures for free this year at our club. The requests I’ve had for extra prints from the parents is crazy. More clubs to work on next year.
      Blogging is a struggle though, work gets in the way!! It would be nice to make a living out of what I enjoy most. Photography.

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