I just love photography, its been a hobby for years, first using the film camera that Dad gave me years ago & eventually to the world of digital. The problem I’ve had though, is sharing the photos any further than the family. I’ve printed some off, I’ve had some books made, but I have to say most of my pictures are still on the Mac. I’ve always dreamed of making money from my pictures but have never quite got round to doing anything about it. I’m the classic procrastinator. This blog is my first attempt at showing what I have produced so far.

I thought that by seeing what other folks thought of my pictures it might inspire me to do more with them. I have to say it has been a fantastic experience so far. I have received some wonderful comments, some excellent ideas & some really appreciated direction on how I can improve. I now just have to take the next step.  The problem is where to start.  But thats the next part of the adventure.

The rest of my about I’m sure will develop as the weeks go by.  For now though the simple stuff & most important.     I have a lovely wife & two wonderful children, James & Natasha.  Natasha is passionate about photography as well, just completed her degree in Photographic Arts & has a great eye for a picture of which I am very jealous of.  James is a typical 18 year old & is into everything 18 year old boys are!!

Thanks for stopping by anyway, please take a look at the site & if you have any comments or ideas, don’t hesitate to write a short note.  I love to read what everyone thinks.



24 thoughts on “About!

  1. I like your about page… good blog. Like you I’m still figuring it all out. We’ll get it down eventually. Continue to enjoy your journey and adventure and we’ll enjoy tagging along.

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for stopping by The Legion of Door Whores and leaving a like for one of my images, it is appreciated 🙂

    If you have time, please drop by my photo blogs http://reflectionsofchina.wordpress.com and http://moreimagesfromme.wordpress.com, I do hope you enjoy what you see there!..You have a really nice site here, with some really nice images, certainly worthy of a follow. Good luck with making money from your passion of photography, it’s in you so as Nike says “Just Do It”. Regards Mark

    • Many thanks indeed for the wonderful comments & for the follow. I really appreciate it. I will definitely be taking a look at your blogs as well.

      Best wishes. John

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