Loving Norway

Norway 2018-3

I’m rapidly falling in love with Norway & its fantastic scenery & skys.  This was an early morning shot whilst docked in Tromso.


A big tick on the bucket list

I’ve wanted to see the northern lights for a long time & finally achieved the dream late last year.  Blessed with some great weather & clear skies we were treated to what the locals suggested was the best show they had seen for a long time.

My shots didn’t come out the best you will ever see but I have the memories.  My pictures serve as a reminder. 🙂


I’m also getting to grips with Lightroom!!  A recent purchase as Aperture is being updated, I decided it was time for a move.  Big learning curve.  More to follow on this.

Monkey portraiture

I wanted to take him home!!
I wanted to take him home!!

There is nothing like a cute portrait photo & I think this fits the bill. Travelling to Gibraltar is not the same unless you get to the top of the Rock to see the Barbary Macaque’s. The Gibraltar Barbary macaques are considered by many to be the top tourist attraction in Gibraltar. The most popular troop is that of Queen’s Gate at the Apes’ Den, where people can get especially close to the monkeys. They will often approach and sometimes climb onto people, as they are used to human interaction. Nevertheless, they are still wild animals and will bite if frightened or annoyed. As you can see from yesterday’s photos the troop we saw were especially friendly. I’ll post a few more pictures over the coming days…

Inside Gibraltar’s Rock

Travelling to Gibraltar is possibly a highlight of the recent trip. A must see sight is the caves within the Rock itself. These pictures show the route into what used to be the old hospital during World War 2, but is now a mini theatre. The sound would be excellent if you were listening to a concert. More shots to follow which show the sheer scale of this place.

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