Loving Norway

Norway 2018-3

I’m rapidly falling in love with Norway & its fantastic scenery & skys.  This was an early morning shot whilst docked in Tromso.


Norway 2015 – Flam Waterfall

Flam waterfall

You will have gathered that Norway was last years trip & it was a truly stunning country.  The views at every turn were just amazing.

This particular day we decided to take the famous Flam Railway all the way to the top passing the Kjosfossen Waterfall en route.  The scene was amazing but even better was the fact that the train stops on the way back down for you to actually get out & see it close up.

With the snow melting it made the waterfall even more dramatic & as you can see from this shot you had zero chance of staying dry.  The family took an early shower!!

Flam waterfall 2


During summer time, when water levels are low enough, this island is a peninsula attached to Rhodes and during winter time, when water levels are high enough, Prasonisi becomes an island. It’s a fascinating place as during summer months the two seas, the Mediterranean and the Aegean, ‘part’ and a sandy isthmus separates the wavy waters of the Aegean from the dead calm flat waters of the Mediterranean. Prasonisi is the only place in Greece and one of the very few in the world where this can be found. Prasonisi is an exceptional sandy beach with crystal clear waters and boasts a trully idyllic scenery. In July and August Prasonisi becomes a world-renowned paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers thanks to the strong winds that blow there at that time, providing ideal conditions for lovers of those sports so in high season it’s full of activity and life.

Penfold lives on

My Best Mate
I don’t often add pictures of myself but I thought this was a great capture of the beach at Prasonisi where the Mediterranean & the Aegean seas meet. A great site to see. My small boy also commented that my sunglasses make me look like Penfold off of Dangermouse. I’m not sure I hold the same opinion!!