The Northern Lights

Having always wanted to visit Norway & see the Northern Lights, we were blessed on this visit.  I’ll be honest & this is the first time that I have ever taken this type of shot & clearly some practice needed & next time, I will definitely have a 1.4 lens to speed up the shots, but I am pleased with what we saw.

Some wonderful memories, thats for sure…


Basics complete

Wow, changing theme was not the easiest chore in the world that I imagined, or it could be down to my inability to follow the instructions.

I have the basics in place now.  Any feedback all gratefully received as always.

Many thanks.



Updates to follow

Its been a while but I have finally got back to Word Press.  Unfortunately in my rush to choose a new theme, I managed to upset the apple cart completely losing a pile of settings & photos.

Excuse the chaos whilst I finish playing.  Wish me luck…

Norway 2015 – Flam Waterfall

Flam waterfall

You will have gathered that Norway was last years trip & it was a truly stunning country.  The views at every turn were just amazing.

This particular day we decided to take the famous Flam Railway all the way to the top passing the Kjosfossen Waterfall en route.  The scene was amazing but even better was the fact that the train stops on the way back down for you to actually get out & see it close up.

With the snow melting it made the waterfall even more dramatic & as you can see from this shot you had zero chance of staying dry.  The family took an early shower!!

Flam waterfall 2