Lyme Feb 15 7



Lyme Feb 15 8

Really not sure what these frames are for.  I’ve seen them on the beach for years & they never seem to hold anything  or serve any purpose.

I did like all the different angles though & b & w makes for a better picture. 🙂

Playtime Fog

Playtime fog

My first post for a while. I’ve been struggling to get back into the swing of posting, time has not been on my side & a lack of inspiration hasn’t helped. Photographers block!!

The time away has not been spent without a camera in hand though. I was asked by the local football club to take a portrait of every club member from Under 7 to Under 15 plus team photos. 180 pictures plus. Saturday mornings have been busy taking the shots & the rest of the weekend (in-between chores) editing & adding names & logos to the shots. Printing was easy, a quick upload to Photobox did the job.
Small boy plays in the U14’s & I do help with some of the admin for the team & ultimately the club will make some money from the work but I think next year I need to advertise the service to the other clubs as well. Every parent wants a shot of their child & with so many football clubs around I should be making some money here!! The requests from our own club come in thick & fast & the repeat printing will create even more work once the grandparents take a look as well.

In the meantime I have been trying to get a few shots in. This one from March is a start again. The fog was thick & with the poor light & cold, what could be a better time to get out & take some pictures. 🙂 Converting to B & W adds some creepy atmosphere to the shot of this play park behind the house.

Its a start back to the more frequent posting. Hope you enjoy. John