Lyme Feb 15 7



Lyme Feb 15 8

Really not sure what these frames are for.  I’ve seen them on the beach for years & they never seem to hold anything  or serve any purpose.

I did like all the different angles though & b & w makes for a better picture. 🙂

Its a Flag!!

Red flag
Looking back to Turkey from the boat, this blasted flag was in my way whilst I desperately tried to get a decent picture of the landscape. Not helped that we were being blown about so much & boat was moving the only thing that was in focus was the flag in the end.

It turned out better than I thought in the end. A great picture of a… Flag!!

Inside Gibraltar’s Rock

Travelling to Gibraltar is possibly a highlight of the recent trip. A must see sight is the caves within the Rock itself. These pictures show the route into what used to be the old hospital during World War 2, but is now a mini theatre. The sound would be excellent if you were listening to a concert. More shots to follow which show the sheer scale of this place.

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