Norway 2017

Just a few shots of our travels last year in Norway.


Loving water

Just love water, there is something about capturing a moment & thinking about the journey it will travel.

I stayed at this spot in  a village in Dartmoor (name completely escapes me) for ages playing with various settings.  Not sure I actually achieved what I had set out to do that day, but it was certainly a good relaxing way to spend some time thinking about travel.


The kids are growing up & starting their own lives now, time for us to plan ahead & think about places we would like to visit now we have the flexibility.

Norway 2015 – Flam Waterfall

Flam waterfall

You will have gathered that Norway was last years trip & it was a truly stunning country.  The views at every turn were just amazing.

This particular day we decided to take the famous Flam Railway all the way to the top passing the Kjosfossen Waterfall en route.  The scene was amazing but even better was the fact that the train stops on the way back down for you to actually get out & see it close up.

With the snow melting it made the waterfall even more dramatic & as you can see from this shot you had zero chance of staying dry.  The family took an early shower!!

Flam waterfall 2


Abandoned (1)

I commented a couple of days ago about leaving the kiddies out in the rain whilst I sat in the car. They were so busy taking & being photographed I don’t think they actually realised it was raining. I grabbed this shot as they returned to the car.

Abandoned whilst it was raining, but definitely the proud father they make. Unfortunately I work away, but every moment with them is special & days like this are always memorable.